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Comprehensive Exams

For the Fall 2017 term, comprehensive examinations for master's degree students will be held on Thursday, October 12th, with Thursday, September 28th being the last day to register. The exams will be held in the Walker Computer Lab located in the McCarthy Gym building beginning at 8:30 a.m., and students will have until 5:00 p.m. to complete their exams. As noted in the Graduate Catalog, students must be within six hours of graduation or in their final semester of coursework (absent DIS or internship hours) to participate in the comprehensive exams. Please note: students who fail the initial attempt CANNOT apply to retake the exam until four months from the date of the original exam (see Graduate Catalog). Also, any student on probationary status cannot take comprehensive exams until the probationary status has been lifted. Hence, some students may need an additional semester to take the comprehensive exams.

[ Application Process ]

1. Students should compete the comprehensive examination application form.

2. In addition to the application for comprehensive exams, there are two other forms that all students must submit prior to taking comprehensive exams or defending their thesis. When you are filling out the forms, know that your degree is a "master of science", your major is "Kinesiology", and your concentration is either "Sport Administration", "Sport Pedagogy", or "Exercise Physiology". Both forms can be found on the Office of the Graduate School website.

  • Committee Request form (note: all master's degree students must have three committee members).
  • Graduate Program Plan of Study form. This form must be generated in Banner using CAPP compliance. Your major professor/advisor can help you with this process. Once your plan of study is built using CAPP, you must print out the form in graduate print view, and have the form signed by your entire committee.

3. Submit the completed and signed forms to the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Adam Knight.