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Faculty & Staff - [ Dr. Younghan Lee ]

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Dr. Younghan Lee

Dr. Younghan Lee

Assistant Professor
Sport Studies & Sport Marketing

Department of Kinesiology
Rm. 233A

Complete Vitae


  • Seoul National University, Korea (Ph.D., 2010, Sport Management)
  • Seoul National University, Korea (M.S., 2005, Sport Management)
  • University of Southern California, U. S. A. (B.S., 1998, Business / Marketing)

Research Statement

  • My research is established on the notion that understanding sport consumers is critical for the development of successful marketing and management in sport businesses or operations, and thus examines factors that influence sport consumption behaviors. This line of thought is extended through the effort in connecting theory and practice in the realm of sport marketing and management. Evidently, my work draws on theories, concepts, and applications from the research literature in general consumer behavior, marketing, management, and strategy.

Areas of Research

Strategic Sport Marketing Management

  • Strategic Sport Marketing Management
  • Relationship Marketing / Customer Relationship Management
  • Scientific Pricing
  • Management Efficiency
  • Choice optimization
  • Sport Volunteerism

Areas of Teaching

  • Sport Marketing
  • Sport Management
  • Sport Sponsorship
  • Sport Analytics
  • Research Methods in Sport

Articles and Publications

Journal Articles:

  • Lee, Y., Kim, M. L., & Koo, J. (Forthcoming). The social interaction effect of sport event volunteers on team member exchange and future intentions. Sport Management Review. [SSCI].
  • Lee, Y., & Koo, J. (2016). Can a celebrity serve as an issue-relevant argument in the elaboration likelihood model? Psychology & Marketing, 33(3), 195-208. [SSCI].
  • Lee, Y. (2016). Empirical examination of relationship quality, service value, customer satisfaction, and word of mouth intention. Services Marketing Quarterly, 37(3). [SCOPUS].
  • Lee, Y., & Kim, M. L. (R&R). The serious leisure characteristics of older adult volunteers in an international sporting event. Leisure Studies. [SSCI].
  • Koo, J., & Lee, Y. (under review). The Effectiveness of Congruence between Sponsor and Sport Event: The Moderating Role of Sport Involvement. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship. [SSCI].
  • Lee, Y., & Koo, J. (2015). Athlete endorsement, attitudes, and purchase intention: The interaction effect between athlete endorser-product congruence and endorser credibility. Journal of Sport Management, 29(5), 523-538. [SSCI].
  • Fairley, S., Lee, Y., Green, C., & Kim, M. L. (2013). Considering cultural influences in volunteer satisfaction and commitment. Event Management an International Journal, 17(4), 349-359.
  • Lee, Y., Kim, S.H., & Kang, J. H. (2013). Coach leadership effect on elite handball players' psychological empowerment and organizational citizenship behavior. International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, 8(2) [SSCI].
  • Kim, M. L., & Lee, Y. (2013). Examining behaviors of female older adult volunteers in a global sporting event. Korean Journal of Sport Science, 24(1), 36-46. [KCI].
  • Lee, Y., Kang, J.H. (2011). Designing ticket price strategy in professional sport team using conjoint analysis. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 12(2), 124-137 [SSCI].
  • Lee, Y. (2009). Evaluating management efficiency of Korean professional teams using DEA. International Journal of Applied Sports Science, 21(2), 93-112. [KCI].
  • Kang, J.H., & Lee, Y. (2007). Evaluating management efficiency of Korean professional baseball teams using data envelopment analysis (DEA). International Journal of Sport and Health Science, 5, 125-134.

Book Chapters & Contributions

  • Lee, Y., Kang, J.H, Park, I., & Lee, Y. (2013). Economic analysis of the sudden emergence of Korean female golfers in LPGA. In Handbook on the Economics of Women’s Sports. Michael A. Leeds (Ed.). Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing Company.
  • Lee, Y. (2004). Unmistakable expression of faith in the enduring power of sport marketing to sell. The Institute of Sport Science Newsletter, 49(1), 13-17.

Professional Memberships/Affiliations

  • North American Society for Sport Management
  • European Association for Sport Management
  • Korean Scholars of Marketing Science
  • Korean Physical Education Association for Girls and Women
  • Asian Association for Sport Management
  • Korean Society for Sport Management
  • Korean Alliance for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

Industry Projects(highlight)

  • Sport Industry Expert Foster Program
  • Winter Sport Development Program
  • Marketing and Fan Relationship Management System Development
  • Long-term Sport Business Strategy Development for (XYZ)
  • Olympic Park Master Plan Development
  • (XYZ) Professional Soccer Team Regional Adaptation Strategy Development
  • Revenue Model Development
  • (XYZ) Professional Team Efficient Business Strategy Development
  • Korean Professional Sport Industry Index Development
  • Winter Olympic Games Feasibility Analysis