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Establish and Strengthen Industry and Governmental Partnerships

Narrative: The Department of Kinesiology offers baccalaureate programs (Clinical Exercise Physiology, Physical Education and Coaching, Health Fitness Studies, Sport Studies), master’s programs (Exercise Science, Sport Administration, and Sport Pedagogy), and doctoral programs (Exercise Science and Sport Studies). Establishing new and strengthening existing industry and professional relationships will be paramount for student and faculty development, research initiatives, and funding opportunities.

Objective 1: Establish collaborative relationships with industry and government agencies through the established research centers created in the department

  • Strategy 1A: Identify specific program officers and develop specific strategies to cultivate a relationship. – U

Objective 2: Generate industry involvement for research opportunities.

  • Strategy 2A: Establish collaborative research opportunities through the centers for faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. – U

Objective 3: Establish new avenues for internal and external funding through the centers.

  • Strategy 3A: Increase the amount of internal (department, college, university) research funding. – U
  • Strategy 3B: Increase the amount of external research funding from state, national, and international private and public sector organizations. – U

Each of these will be annually reviewed to assess the level of increase (or decrease) from the previous year.

Ending Narrative: Success with Strategic Goal 2 aligns with the mission and vision of the Department of Kinesiology by improving the preparation we provide to aspiring professionals and emerging scholars, increasing research productivity through new or strengthened industry connections and funding opportunities, and improving opportunities for community outreach and service.

Faculty Working Group: Adam Pfleegor (Lead), Ben Abadie, Erin Grant-Butler, Debbie Funderburk, Adam Love, Matt McAllister
Current Faculty Working Group: Erin Grant-Butler (Lead), Ben Abadie, Debbie Funderburk, Adam Love, Matt McAllister, Gregg Twietmeyer