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Increase Capital Investment

Narrative: Strong capital investment from donors, alumni, the university, the College of Education, and the department is critical for the Department of Kinesiology’s continued success and is a vital aspect of meeting the needs of a growing student enrollment, and faculty development and retention. This will be particularly important with the addition of the doctoral program and the accompanying student and faculty growth.

Objective 1: Construction or renovation of an adequate and technologically-advanced physical space by the year 2020. An alternative indicator would be to at least have a solid plan/date from administration as to when the project would commence.

  • Strategy 1A: Raise awareness in order to renovate the current facility to better meet the technological and physical needs of the growing department. – U

Objective 2: Entice future donations from alumni and community members who are emotionally invested in kinesiology and our department’s individual programs.

  • Strategy 2A: Enhance the amount of total capital investment in the department. – U
  • Strategy 2B: Creation of one endowed academic chair in any of the cognate fields of kinesiology. – U

Objective 3: Work more closely with the current foundation staff to increase department specific donations.

  • Strategy 3A: Enhance the amount of total capital investment in the department. – U
  • Strategy 3B: Grow the donor base by 50% among alumni and community members. – I

Objective 4: Increase faculty and staff salaries.

  • Strategy 4A: Achieve competitive faculty and staff salaries to compete with peer-institutions as defined by the Southern University Group (SUG). – U

Objective 5: Increase the number of faculty and staff full-time positions to better meet the needs of the growing student population and to achieve a more favorable teaching load appropriate to a doctoral granting department.

  • Strategy 5A: Add full-time faculty and staff positions to both the Divisions of Sport Studies and Exercise Science. – U

Ending Narrative: Success with Strategic Goal 4 aligns with the mission and vision of the Department of Kinesiology by improving the department’s ability to serve students and support faculty and staff in professional growth, and retain talented faculty and staff members.

Faculty Working Group: Adam Pfleegor (Lead), Ben Abadie, Erin Grant-Butler, Debbie Funderburk, Adam Love, Matt McAllister
Current Faculty Working Group: Erin Grant-Butler (Lead), Ben Abadie, Debbie Funderburk, Adam Love, Matt McAllister, Gregg Twietmeyer